DP-4848 Aluminium Dock Ramps

DP-4848 Aluminium Dock Ramps

Part No. DP-4848

Ramp Dimensions: 1220mmL X 1220mmW X 10mm Thickness – Weight 45kgs

Capacity: 1075kgs

Warranty: 1 Year Factory Warranty

DP-4848 Aluminium Dock Ramps

DP-4848 Aluminium Dock Ramps solve a common problem on loading docks where bridging the gap between a truck and the dock or warehouse floor. Not all trucks are the same height, and the height of the trailer floor within a truck can vary according to how heavily the truck is laden. Thus, there is not only a gap to bridge but a height difference to overcome. Dock plates are used for lighter loads such as hand trolleys, pallet jacks or foot traffic. They must never be used with powered equipment such as forklifts.


  • Use with hand trolleys and pallet jacks.
  • Locating legs prevent slipping.
  • Fitted with carry handles


Part No. DP-4848

Max Height Difference – 125mm Between Levels

Length: 1220mm

Width: 1220mm

Thickness: 10mm

Capacity: 1075kg

Weight: 45kgs

Additional Information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 130 x 130 x 30 cm

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KELRYAN 2019 DP-4848 Aluminium Dock Ramps PDF Data Sheet


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