Premium Cantilever Sliding Gate
Cantilever Sliding Gate

Premium Cantilever Sliding Gate

Part No. PCSG4

4m Premium cantilevered sliding gate with built-in cattle grid. Suitable for rural property entrances.

Galvanised steel gate supports & frame. Heavy duty aluminium gate frame cladded in hardwood timber.

A complete drop into the ground kit including automatic gate operator & 2 remotes.

Premium Cantilever Sliding Gate

The main advantages of a cantilever sliding gate are:

  • Less ground work required as no rail is used
  • The ground surface can be uneven or sloping as the gate doesn’t come into contact with it
  • The gate’s operation will be unaffected by gravel, rocks and snow and ice below it
  • Quieter operation

A cantilever gate is a slightly more sophisticated option compared to tracked sliding gates, and overall has more advantages. A cantilever sliding gate basically operates by using an extended section of gate to counterbalance the actual gate which spans the access. So in effect the gate is suspended and therefore doesn’t require a track below it to run along.

Cantilever Sliding Gate Considerations.

  1. The width of the access point needs to be determined. If it is less than around 20-25m and assuming there is space on either side of the access for the run-back of double gates, then a cantilevered option will normally be suitable. Individual cantilever gates can be made to span an entrance up to 15m;
  2. Sufficient space adjacent to the gate to allow for the counterbalance section of the gate to run into, along with the gate leaf itself of course. As a guide, the counterbalance section of the cantilever gates will add about 40% to the total length of the gate.
  3. Uneven Ground Surface or Sloping – The ground surface the cantilever sliding gates operate over does not need to be exactly level because the gates never actually touch it. So if both types of sliding gates are being considered, it’s worth weighing up the additional cost that preparing the ground to take a track would be, versus limited ground preparation for the cantilever gates option.
  4. Less Ground Work – Most importantly, the type of the site the access protects and the extent to which it gets extreme weather in the winter. The point here being that if the site is prone to debris – e.g. mud and stones – and these are being carried on vehicle tyres, then a cantilever gate is far more suitable because there’s simply no track in the ground to keep clear. Equally, the same applies to snow and ice on the ground – a cantilever sliding gate will largely be unaffected by such conditions.
  5. Quieter Operation – A further consideration might be noise, and a cantilever gate is certainly quieter in operation than tracked gates. So this might be a factor if, for example, the access to the site was very close to a residential area.

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Additional Information

Weight 2000 kg
Dimensions 800 x 200 x 200 cm

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