Cable & Trenching

Cable Trenching

In many of our larger projects we are required to safely install mains power and communications cables. Each project is often very different and sometimes the task can be very challenging. We provide our customers with successful project outcomes through innovation, proper planning and consultation.

Our cabling and trenching services include:

  • Hand Excavation – Concrete Cutting, Hand Trench Digging & Potholing
  • Excavators – Our Plant Sizes – 1.7T Kubota & 5.5T Kubota
  • Excavator Attachments – Our Attachments – 5.5T Breaker Attachment & 5.5T Post Hole Attachment
  • Skid Steer Loader – Bobcat S70
  • NBN – Private Property Services – Trenches & Conduit
  • 240VAC Mains Power Cables
  • CAT5e & Cat6e Cables – Including RJ45 Connections
  • Figure8 Cable
  • Conduits & Mounting
  • Cable Tray Installation
  • Magnetic Induction Loops – Asphalt & Concrete Installations

For more information on our cabling services or to discuss your project in more detail contact KELRYAN 1300 535792.