Car Parking System

Car Parking System – Modularity & Integration – Infinite Development Potential.

The fruit of CAME’s R&D is the new PS ONE Car Parking System. The PS ONE car parking system exploits new technology by making “native” ETHERNET interface devices. This advanced management system lets you configure unlimited peripherals such as automatic cash registers, entry and exit units, pedestrian monitors and staffed pay stations. All of these devices when connected are managed through a central server to which can be connected to countless other devices. The PS ONE is a modular solution especially engineered to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large parking facilities. Not only connecting to the Ethernet network but is extremely versatile as it can be done via optic fibres, WiFi connections or even mixed solutions.

All Around Efficiency and Control – Always, Anywhere.

The SNMP protocol allows access to the PS ONE the system, thus sending and receiving information or system status notifications is allowed. So you can remotely manage the parking system or simply monitor the situation or quickly respond to an emergency call. Therefore each event is monitored in real time, enhancing the service efficiency, while also controlling the operating costs and transit safety.

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