Intercom Post

A modular intercom post system that bolts together. The modular intercom system comprises of either a post or wall mount bracket. All components are steel powder coated safety yellow.


  • Car Only Intercom Post – 1170mm Height (Excludes Rain Hood)
  • Car & Truck Dual Height Post – Car 1170mm & Truck 2020mm Height (Excludes Rain Hood)
  • Wall Mount Bracket – 300mm Off Wall
  • Wall Mount Bracket  – 600mm Off Wall
  • Rain Hood 360mmH x 340mmW x 60mm Depth
  • Rain Hood 360mmH x 180mmW x 60mm Depth


A suitable size Rain Hood is selected that is designed to bolt to your post or wall mount bracket. (Fixings for posts are not included). The Rain Hood facias are fitted with Eco Board which makes mounting your card readers, intercom entry panel or keypads very easy. All posts and wall mount brackets are made easy for technicians to cable with up to 60mm space behind the Eco Board panel on Rain Hoods for recessing products or hidden accessories. The 10mm thickness Eco Board is fitted to the Rain Hood using stainless steel security fixings for a very professional finish.


Step 1. Select your post or wall mount option.

Step 2. Select your Rain Hood Size.