693902 - Permaconn IP Communicator

693902 – Permaconn IP Communicator

Part No. 69390

Description: – Permaconn IP Communicator

693902 – Permaconn IP Communicator

Part No. 69390 – PM35v3 – IP Only Communication Module

The 693902 – Permaconn IP Communicator solution provides a constant secure link between the supervised premises and the Central Station via IP connection.

This unit can interface with a range of alarm panels using Contact ID. Primary alarm path is IP.

* Remote alarm panel Upload/Download available using IP
Plug & Play solution,
Interfaces with any Contact ID alarm panel,
1 input + 1 output, function control using Atlas and/or Pocket Secure,
Low cost hardware solution for NBN or Naked DSL services

Additional Features 

Small size – Fits inside alarm panel enclosure and suitable for ATM & M2M applications
Secure VPN within Optus & Telstra networks – Dedicated for Permaconn events only
AES128 encryption for alarm data – Secure transmissions over the public internet
High speed RS232 Interface – Future development
PM45-3G acquires an IP address automatically using the customers DHCP service. No IT headache
Various diagnostic LEDs – Easy installation
Activate, commission and diagnose using Atlas – Seamless installation process
Internal watchdog reset function – No unnecessary service call-outs
Monitors & reports dialler interface lead status – Panel dialler to Permaconn interface secure
AS/NZ2201.5:2008 compliance
Outputs can be configured to arm/disarm alarm system, control gates and lights. ‘Pocket Secure’ smartphone app controls these functions.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 13 x 22 cm