CAME Gard12 Boom Gate

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate

Part No. 001G12000

  • 1 X CAME Gard12 Road Barrier for openings up to 12m/40ft
  • 1 X Boom Arm Kit – 6.2m & 6m Boom Arms
  • 1 X Fixed Arm Support
  • 1 X Counter Weights Kit (20 Pieces)


3 Year CAME Manufacturers Warranty*

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate – 24v D.C Motor – For openings up to 12m.

The CAME Gard12 Boom Gate designed for those special passageways. The CAME Gard12 Boom Gate is truly out of the ordinary as barriers go. This is a special version for boom gate suitable for openings up to 12m/40ft. It is designed to manage industrial loading and unloading passageways, cargo terminals and motorway settings. This is one exceptional product which fears no other when it comes to reliability and performance.

Advantages of CAME Gard12 Boom Gate

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate are designed for large openings up to 12m wide and is designed to manage industrial loading and unloading passageways, cargo terminals and motorway settings. A tube bar of different sections allows the 12m passage to be opened and closed in just 10 seconds and as often as required in loading and unloading situations. For Safe, reliable boom movement the system uses a modular counter weight balancing system.

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate Finishes

The CAME Gard12 is available in powder coated grey finish or custom colours to suit a specific environment.

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate Standard Mechanical Options

  • Dual Motors – Installed along the same axis and provide remarkable torque.

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate Standard Electronic Options

  • Automatic Closing – delayed up to 2 minutes.
  • Open Only – Close Only
  • Open – Stop – Close – Stop
  • 24v Outputs – Add Accessories.
  • Maintained Action – Hold button for operation.
  • Pre-Flashing – safety Lights Flash 5 second before boom arm movement.
  • Obstacle Detection – Prevents movement of boom arm if an obstacle is present using safety PE Beams.
  • Slave Function – Allows two boom gates to be joined and work together.
  • Immediate Closing – Closes the gate when an event is triggered by PE beam or safety loop.
  • Total Stop – This function immediately stops the boom arm – Known as an emergency stop.
  • Braking Action – Increases the braking action of the boom arm.

CAME Gard12 Boom Gate Extra Options – Safety

  • Dome Flashing Warning Light
  • Luminous Light Cord For Boom Arm
  • Audible Screamer
  • PE Safety Beams
  • Magnetic Safety Ground Loop

CAME Gard12 Extra Options – Mechanical

  • Fixed Support Stand
  • Backup Battery Kit
  • Red Reflective Sticker Kit

CAME Gard12 Extra Options – Access Control

  • Remote Controls
  • Keypad – Pin Code
  • Swipe Cards & Fobs


3 Year CAME Manufacturers Warranty* (*warranty applies only where the boom gate is commissioned by an authorised KELRYAN technician).

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Weight 850 kg

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