SMCL90-SS Surface Mount 90mm Stainless Steel Removable Bollard

SMCL90-SS Surface Mount 316 Stainless Steel Removable Bollard

Part No. SMCL90-SS – 90mm Diameter Surface Mount Removable Bollard

Bi-Lock Key Lockable – Includes 2 Keys Per Order

316 Stainless Steel

Receiver Shoe Sold Separately (Part No. SMCL90H-SS)

SMCL90-SS Surface Mount Removable Bollards

Surface Mount Removable Bollards are fabricated from a 90mm x 5mm wall thickness steel. The bollards are galvanised and then powder coated safety yellow. Custom powder coat colours are available. Surface mount removable bollards come with a steel receiver shoe that is bolted to the floor. The post is then locked into the receiver shoe or removed to allow for access. The Surface Mount Removable Bollard is not a security bollard and should only be used for light traffic control applications.

The bollards are available in two locking configurations.Cam-lok uses a Bi-Lock security key. Where the customer selects the Cam-lok model 2 keys are supplied per order. The Cam-lok model bollard is also available in a 316 grade stainless steel finish with a flat cap and no handle.

CAM-LOK Surface Mount Removable Bollard Models & Parts

  • SMCL90 – Cam-Lok 90mm Surface Mount Bollard – Galvanised & Powder Coated Safety Yellow with 316 Stainless Steel Handle
  • SMCL140 – Cam-Lok 140mm Surface Mount Bollard – Galvanised & Powder Coated Safety Yellow with 316 Stainless Steel Handle
  • SMCL90H – Receiver Shoes For Cam-Lok 90mm Bollard- Galvanised & Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • SMCL140H – Receiver Shoes For Cam-Lok 140mm Bollard- Galvanised & Powder Coated Safety Yellow
  • SMCL90-SS – Cam-lok 90mm Surface Mount Bollard – 316 Stainless Steel with 316 Stainless Steel Handle
  • SMCL90H-SS – Receiver Shoe For Cam-lok – 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • KCLKEY – Additional Cam-Lok Registered Security Key (Bi-Lock)

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Additional Information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 100 cm

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