BR900 Retractable Security Bollard
BRKEY-PBR900 Retractable Security Bollard

KBR900 Retractable Security Bollard

Part No. KBR900

Supplied with Two Handle Keys Per Order

KBR900 Retractable Security Bollard.

The KBR900 Retractable Security Bollard is great for controlling road way access and to protect assets with the convenience of having the bollard retract into the ground with needed to be removed or stored away. The KBR900 is 90mm in diameter and locks both in the extended up and retracted down positions. The KBR900 is fabricated using mild steel that is hot dip galvanised and then powder coated finish. Custom colours for the KBR900 are available at an additional cost. The below in ground casing is galvanised to protect in against corrosion. The top of the bollard has an anti slip top and two reflective bands to increase night time visibility.


  • Round 90mm diameter bollard locks in both extended and retracted positions.
  • Mild steel hot dip galvanised with a powder coated finish.
  • Galvanised in-ground casing.
  • Black anti-slip top surface and two reflective bands on powder coated model.
  • Two unique, low cost ‘T’ handle keys supplied per order with additional keys available for purchase.
  • Trouble free design with only two moving parts.
  • Internal locking system can’t be tampered with or fouled by dirt or water.


Additional Information

Weight 41.5 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 225 cm

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KELRYAN Manual Retractable Bollard


KELRYAN provides an installation service for this product. For more information contact 1300 535792.


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