Multi Channel 3G Mobile Wireless Intercom System

Multi Channel 4G Mobile Wireless Intercom System

Part No. KRG1527

Description: 4G GSM Audio Only Intercom System.

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.


Multi Channel 4G Mobile Wireless Intercom System

Part No. KRG1527

Multi-Channel 4G Mobile Wireless Intercom System with Built-in Access Control.

The Multi Channel 4G Mobile Wireless Intercom System is a mobile network platform intercom system capable of calling up to 333 programmed phone numbers from a single location using a mobile phone 4G network. The intercom system has the capability of calling up to 2 additional backup phone numbers when the first number is not answered. It eliminates the need for expensive cabling where entrances are remote or cabling is not practical.

Programming Examples:

Dial #1 to Call Apartment 1 (phone number 1 – land line number)

Dial #45 to Call Apartment 45 (phone number 1 – mobile phone) when not answered >>> (phone number 2 – land line)

Dial #99 to Call Security (phone number 1-  land line number) when not answered >>> (phone number 2 – mobile) when not answered  >>> (phone number 3 – mobile)

Key Features:

• Robust Anti-vandal unit
• Stainless-steel door station.
• Easy installation – four wires only.
• Anti-Vandal Speaker and Microphone.
• Water resistance unit for external use.
• Operation voltage: 12V – 24V Ac / DC
• Front panel illuminated by Blue light at night.
• Wireless GSM Intercom for up to 333 houses.
• Wireless Programming by phone from anywhere.
• Full Access Control Keypad for up to 1000 users.
• Guiding Speaking System enabling easy programming.
• Two relay outputs to control driveway gate and Pad gate.
• GSM Access Control for 1000 users to open the gate with
their mobile phone with no cost of a call.

For more information on the Multi Channel 3G Intercom System contact KELRYAN 1300 535 792. Sales, Installation & Service.


Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 45 cm

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KELRYAN 3G 4G GSM Wireless Intercom


KELRYAN provide an installation service for this product range. For more information contact KELRYAN 1300 535792.

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